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We offer legal services on contractual basis which implies assignment to your company of a legal adviser supporting your business activity. Legal consulting on a regular basis, focus of the company on the needs of the clients, high quality of services and their prompt rendering helps you solve existing legal issues and prevents new ones.

One of the factors contributing to high level of rendered services is the thoroughly selected personnel of the company. All our employees have higher legal education and working experience with companies active in different business fields, due to which the services rendered by our company combine knowledge of regulatory framework and substantial expertise.

Within the frame of contractual services the legal advisers ofUR-PROFYprovide the complete range of legal services, including without limitation:

  • legal review of ongoing contracts followed by recommendations, including taxation issues;
  • drawing up new contracts with a set of accompanying documents and written comments taking into account tax implications;
  • participation in business negotiations with contracting agents of the Client on concluding contracts;
  • pre-trial settlement of arguments with participation of a specialist by negotiations and handling claims;
  • drawing up documents connected with labour relations;
  • legal review and support of investment projects;
  • analytical consulting on property issues;
  • recommendations on court procedures;
The mechanism of rendering contractual legal services to a Company:

1. The work is done by one to three people at a time depending on complexity and volume of work. The services are rendered 1-3 (one to three) times a week upon agreement (for example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.00 till 14.00) or daily, during the whole working day.

If necessary the personnel of “Ur-profy” can come on other week days. If the number of emergency (unscheduled) calls exceeds 4-5 times a month the parties agree to discuss changes in the general working schedule and increase in service fee.

Should the employee, performing current work, go on a regular, maternity or sick leave the Agent provides another employee from those servicing the Company. The remuneration due to the Agent is not subject to united social tax and other salary fund taxes.

The work of the Agent is arranged in such a way that each employee specialises in a certain branch of law, namely: labour law, tax law, land law, legal relations in the field of real estate registration, registration of newly established companies of all types of ownership, amendment of constituent documents of acting companies, drawing up and analysis of civil law contracts, relations arising as the result of road traffic accidents, etc. Thus for handling a complex or highly specific issue from a definite field the Agent can provide a highly qualified and professional specialist. Nevertheless, the current work is performed by ONE employee subordinated to and obeying the Orders of the management of the Company and complying with internal regulations.

2. The Client (Company) is required to organise one stationary workplace equipped with a table, chair, computer, printer (or access to the common printer), telephone set. At the option of the Client the work can be performed at the Agent location provided that the Client sets definite tasks.

3. The Agent “Ur-profy” organises work in the following way: in working hours at the workplace there is an employee of the Agent, performing current work (upon agreement of the parties the list of services can be changed or extended in comparison with a standard one, for example with addition of personnel service). Should issues arise which require handling out of the Client’s office, like: representation in court, registration of real estate, registration of constituent documents, other issues concerning activity of the Client, they are handled by another employee of the Agent not performing current work.

4. The current work is performed the following way: at the workplace of a legal adviser there is a Register of applications and issues, containing the following items (columns): Query date, the name and position of the querent, subject of the query (to review a contract, write a claim, conduct legal analysis of a situation, review and/or draw up an order, etc.), date of presenting an answer (document), signature of the legal adviser, name of the file (document) saved in the PC folder of Ur-profy. The legal adviser folder is located on a common disc and is available to any employee authorised by the manager.

Maximum period for preparation of a document is two calendar days. Should the answer require additional time or be too complex or voluminous to prepare in such a short period (for example: defensive pleading, registration of constituent documents) the legal adviser agrees upon the period of presenting an answer with the querying employee.

The documents (contracts, letters, references, etc.) are registered by the querent in the Register and placed into the box “incoming”, and the ready answer or document is also registered by the legal adviser in the Register and placed in the box “outgoing”.

The Register and both the boxes are purchased by the Agent who arranges and installs them at the workplace.

5. Should an emergency consultation or preparation of a document be necessary the Client can reach the Agent

· via office phones: (8312) 438 – 69 – 86, 438 – 69 – 87, 438 – 69 – 88, 438 – 69 – 89, 438 – 69 - 90 (the same are for fax);

· by writing a letter  via e-mail

6. Should the parties agree to review the documents of the Client, the Client is obliged to prepare and to make available for the period of revision agreed upon by the parties one more workplace equipped with a chair and a table.

7. At the option of the Client the Agent prepares a written report on the work performed 1-4 times a month (upon agreement with the Client).

8. Our relations are built on the basis of strict confidentiality, responsibility, promptness and creativity.

Availing oneself of contractual legal services you get a full alternative to an in-house legal adviser. Moreover, you save money because the cost of our services is considerably lower of the total expenses on maintaining an in-house legal service (equipment of a workplace, search for and payment to a highly qualified legal adviser, cost of legal reference system, consultations and advanced vocational training). Remember! The acting legislation provides a far greater range of possibilities to protect the interests of your business than you tend to think!