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Расчет госпошлины в суд

Since 1997 till today the large staff (over FORTY people) of “Ur-profy” has actively and with high professionalism worked in the Nizhny Novgorod market for legal services.

During the whole period of its activity, more t than FIFTEEN YEARS, “Ur-profy” has been held in due respect by the administrative authorities, as well as by its clients.

The clients of “Ur-profy” number more than ONE HUNDRED state, municipal and private commercial enterprises, among which are the following: the COCA-COLA HBC EURASIA company, open joint-stock company BOGORODSKY MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT,open joint-stock company NIZHPOLYGRAPH, TELEKA LTD, Real estate agency VYBOR , Volgo-Vyatskaya construction company LTD, Furniture salons KAMEYA, AST-Story LTD, Group of companies «INTERPLAST» (the FIRST Dealer Center) , Publishing-polygraphic Association DEKOM, Neftemaslozavod VARYA LTD, the EVAN group of companies, KANI LTD, Nizhegorodskaya Industrial company LTD, DINGO LTD , a network of medical clinics TONUS, Krema LTD, Media Quantum LTD, Internet of Your family LTD, Cable TV Of Your Family LTD, MOST LTD, Trade house Zhukovskiy LTD, KRASNOBAKOVSKIE DAIRY PRODUCTS LTD, Association of guarding and legal agencies BERKUT, FRUITS AND PRODUCTS LTD, SAPPHIRE LTD, Clinic NIKA-SPRING, Chistye Prudy LTD, the CLASS PLUS group of companies, NPN LTD, PARTKOM LTD,BULAEV AND CO. LTD.

The range of services rendered by "Ur-profy" LTD is very wide:

  • Constant (contractual) legal support of activity of enterprises of all types of ownership, including but not limited to all necessary consultations, revisions and drawing up of legal documents, representation in court, registration issues;
  • Registration of enterprises of all types of ownership, including individually tailored working out of constituent documents for commercial and non-commercial companies. Registration of companies in all districts of Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region on a “turn-key” basis (i. e. registration of constituent documents in the Ministry of Taxation Inspection Board, tax registration and registration in all necessary funds, opening of a bank account);
  • Registration of property right, tenant right, enjoyment of real and movable estate on the whole territory of Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region (including working out and registration of contracts and gathering all necessary documents);
  • The whole range of services connected with representation in courts, including regular and arbitration courts (from drawing up of claims and filing statements of claims to taking up measures for execution of court decisions and collection of debts);
  • Working out and bringing into full conformity the set of documents connected with labour relations of the company. Organization of work of personnel department of the company;
  • Working out of documents and registration of equity issue (primary, secondary and additional) in the Federal Commission for Securities;
  • Gathering of necessary documents and acquiring of licenses for the company for many fields of activity: building, safeguarding, transporting, etc.;
  • Revision of deals and assistance in ensuring safety in deals;
  • Consultation on accounting and economic issues, including reconstitution of accounting and book-keeping of the company;
  • Drawing up and support of foreign economic contracts;
  • Compiling a digest of acting legislation issues which the Client is interested in;
  • Participation in negotiations with contracting agents of the Client with prior study of the subject-matter of negotiations;
  • Conducting personnel audit and audit of all concluded and ongoing contracts with a view to detect potential risks.
The vast majority of personnel of “Ur-profy” are the people with higher legal university education (State University in the name of Lobachevsky).

“Ur-profy” LTD is one of the members of the Association of guarding and legal companies BERKUT.

We hope that everything mentioned above speaks for good business reputation and "good name" of the legal services agency “Ur-profy”.